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Why not let the taxman help pay for your car and its running costs. Even when your car is 100% private use.

Think Leasing salary packaging is the clever way to pay for your next car. Our salary packaging gives employees the same excellent income tax and GST savings on cars and running costs that larger businesses and government employees like nurses, teachers and public servants have enjoyed for years!

By using a combination of pre-tax and post-tax income from your wages and getting the benefit of fleet pricing, salary packaging will cover your car repayments and all its running costs, saving you real money.

It’s clever, easy, and ATO and Government compliant – no FBT for you or your employer and no logbooks to keep.

Unlike other fleet management companies, we don’t charge procurement fees; we pass the total savings back to you. As a result, you get salary packaging prices regardless – which can save you thousands off the recommended retail pricing as well as saving thousands in GST.

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Benefits For Employees

Custom-designed salary packaging from Think Leasing can deliver benefits such as:
  • One easy payment, every pay cycle!
  • Tax saving on your vehicle’s expenses (including its running costs).
  • Affordable solution.
  • Your lease is portable, the lease goes with you if you ever move employers.
  • Completely ATO compliant.
  • No procurement fees.

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