How It Works


Save your company money and provide your staff with real benefits through salary packaging. Helping build staff loyalty or attract high-quality job applicants by offering vehicle salary packaging, all while saving your real company money on government taxes at the same time.

Set yourself and your business apart from the rest and be recognised as an employer of choice. If you are looking for a NO COST, NO EFFORT, NO HASSLE AND GOVERNMENT AND ATO COMPLIANT way to incentivise staff or attract new staff and save the business money, then Think Leasing’s salary packaging is the answer.

Think Leasing’s salary packaging can give your existing or prospective employees a great incentive. A new car with all associated running costs, including fuel, registration, services and insurance, all covered. And all of this for no cost to the business and genuine tax savings for you and your employees.

Think Leasing can arrange a salary packaged vehicle for your employees whether they use it for the business or 100% personal use, or even by members of their family. Then, believe it or not, your WorkCover and payroll taxes costs will go down.

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Benefits For Employers

Custom-designed salary packaging from Think Leasing can deliver benefits such as:
  • Retain your good employees.
  • Completely ATO compliant.
  • Receive our private consultancy.
  • No cost to employers.
  • No Fringe Benefit Tax.
  • Decrease in your payroll tax and Workcover cost.

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