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Think Saving With Think Leasing

Think Leasing is a smart way to pay for your next car, using salary packaging benefits to let the taxman help pay for the vehicle and all its running costs. Whether you are a PAYG employee or an employer, Think Leasing is clever, easy and Australian Tax Office (ATO) compliant.

Huge income tax & GST savings apply even if you use the car 100% for private use plus potentially even more significant savings if you have any business use. Think Leasing offers you the benefits that Government, health, not-for-profit and sizeable remote industry employees have enjoyed for years.

Our salary packaging also saves employers big money in WorkCover and payroll tax costs. In addition, it also builds on staff loyalty, satisfaction as well as attracting high-quality job seekers.

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What is salary packaging?

This Free E-Guide outlines how Think Leasing can give you access to the most cost-effective way to buy, finance and manage your vehicles while taking advantage of substantial tax benefits that will increase your take-home pay with:

  • Tips for buying a car the smart way.
  • Tax effective ways to finance your new car.
  • How to get the most out of your new car finance.

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