What Is Think Leasing?

Think Leasing is the new generation of salary packaging. While having total transparency to customers, it provides zero fringe-benefits-tax (a.k.a. FBT). Think Leasing is all about more choice for buyers, such as where and how you purchase your vehicle.

The core finance product of Think Leasing is a novated lease, which is a three-way salary packaging (a.k.a. salary sacrifice) agreement between an employer, the financier and an employee.

The primary benefit of using Think Leasing is not only the money you can save by combining both the purchase and running costs, but also the way we lower your taxable income. By using pre-tax funds to finance the running costs of your vehicle, you will enjoy the benefit of significant income tax savings. Money that normally go to the ATO will instead be paying for your vehicle.

Is There A Management Fee?

Yes, but Think Leasing management fees are fixed at $30 + GST per month.

How Do Employees Benefit?

  • A simple quote can determine just how much you can save.
  • A discount on the purchase of your next vehicle.
  • Significant income tax savings.
  • We combine running costs with your finance. With the costs of your car taken care of, such as maintenance, fuel, accessories, rego and even insurance, you can focus on managing other bills and commitments you have.
  • We guide you carefully through the whole process. Setting up your lease so that you have zero FBT and no excess residual payments to make at the end.
  • You only pay for what you use. Any unused running costs are paid back to you.

How Do Employers Benefit?

  • No reportable or payable FBT, which means no paperwork or expenses.
  • Invoices can be tailored to you and your payroll cycle. This ensures easy payment and less hassle.
  • There is no financial liability on your behalf as an employer. If the employee decides to leave your employment, they take the car and the lease with them.
  • Think Leasing provides full support throughout the term of the salary package, for your payroll departments, accounts and your employees.
  • Save on payroll tax, reduce your workcover premium and claim the input tax credits out of your employee’s novated lease.

Can Everyone Benefit From Think Leasing?

With the inherent tax savings through competitive lease rates, anyone who’s employed and running a vehicle will benefit from a novated lease, regardless of your annual income.

With the tax benefits that come with a lease, you are likely to save when compared to purchasing a vehicle outright and arranging your running costs out of pocket.

Do I Get A Fuel Card?

Yes! Fuel can be one of the running costs that can be paid with pre-tax funds.

What Happens If I Have Lost My Fuel Card?

A new fuel card will be issued and sent to you. If you’ve had any fuel expenses while waiting, you can be reimbursed. Keep all receipts and fill out a designated reimbursement form for simple and easy processing.

Why Choose Think Leasing?


We sell a large number of vehicles across different dealerships and different brands. At our dealerships, we can offer the best purchase prices and pass this discount on to you. When you finance a new car through Think Leasing, you won’t pay GST on the purchase price. That is an instant saving of 10% to begin with!


We act as the administrator for your lease, making the process hassle free. You can elect to have all financing and maintenance costs of the car paid on your behalf.

Rather than paying large lumps sums out of pocket, e.g. registration renewal or an expensive service, let us take care of it giving you total peace of mind.

What Happens If I Change Job During The Lease Period?

A novated lease is fully transferable, if you happen to change employers during the term of your lease, there are a few easy options you can choose from:

  • Transfer that lease to your new employer (subject to their acceptance and approval).
  • Pay-out the total owing on the vehicle, thus owning the vehicle completely.
  • Continue paying the lease and running costs yourself.

Do I Have To Buy A New Car?

No you don’t, you can utilize Think Leasing to purchase a used vehicle as long as it’s less than 8 years old and/or less than 200,000 kms at the end of the lease date, whichever comes first.

Think Savings With Think Leasing